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factory cleaningIndustrial Cleaning in Melbourne

Industrial worksites and manufacturing operations can require very specialised commercial cleaning services. Factories and other industrial operations generally have specific guidelines when it comes to cleaning to ensure worker safety and production efficiency.

At Diamon Clean, we provide specialised industrial cleaning services across Melbourne. We service clients across industries and provide expert industrial and commercial cleaning services in a range of industrial spaces including factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, depots, refineries, commercial kitchens and food processing facilities and more.

We offer an extensive range of industrial cleaning services including degreasing and managing spills, pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, equipment and machinery cleaning, cleaning vents, ducts and extraction systems, grease traps, tanks and vats and more.

We understand how costly disruptions can be to your business. That’s why we work with you to structure cleaning schedules that are designed to minimise potential downtime and interruptions to work.

Safety First

When it comes to factory cleaning, we know how important safety is to your staff, your equipment and to our cleaners. That’s why we ensure our cleaners are fully trained in all industry and OH&S guidelines and applicable standards and cleared and ticketed before they enter your worksite.

All our industrial cleaning services are carefully carried out to meet all safety guidelines and to prevent contamination to product or machinery.

We Discuss Your Cleaning Requirements with Us Today

If you’re looking for expert industrial cleaning in Melbourne, then contact the Diamon Clean team today. We offer a full range of commercial cleaning services and can work with you to tailor a cleaning package specifically designed for your business. Give us a call today on 1300 663 639 or contact us online.